Monthly Archives | May 2014


We tried to predict if the Gong would make a high sound or a low sound. Then we hit it gently at first and we also hit it very hard. It was awesome fun.

Wild Things!

Things certainly got a little WILD in the art room this week with the Preps. After watching a reading of the book and having a little boogie to the ‘rumpus’ music, prep students created their own wild thing using lots of different lines and shapes. “Let the wild rumpus start!”

Dance Craze Central

Week two of term saw students from grade 3-6 learning about dance crazes from past to present in Creative Arts! Lots of fun was had as students explored moves such as the twist, moonwalk, disco, shuffling, time warp and many more! The end of the week saw a fantastic performance of the routine at assembly […]

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