Monthly Archives | September 2014

Bourchier’s Got Talent.

Students are rehearsing for the school fete. Watch this energetic performance!  

Let’s Go To The Zoo!

Here are some of the animals that live at the zoo!

Clay Curiosity!

This week is clay week in the art room with students having the chance to experiment with what can be done with clay. There has been lots of mashing, squeezing, pounding, rolling and pinching happening to make some lovely clay creations. Here are some grade one students from JAS and JED showing what they have […]

Preps Learning about the Colour Wheel

The Bourchier Street Prep students are starting to learn about colours. They know what the Primary colours are and what to mix to create the Secondary colours. Here are JCB and JKS watching a demonstration on the Colour Wheel.

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