Preps Fancy Dress!

Today the students of JJD finally got to play with the dress ups! They got to choose their very own costume and wear it for the lesson on all things DANCE! We explored different types and different ways we can dance with and without music.

Production Reminiscing

There have been some very crazy times in Creative Arts. So much so that I have forgotten to blog about all the wonderful things that have been happening… As I sit in my office on this very chilly afternoon, I find myself thinking about how wonderful the Junior School Production was. For those who missed […]

Artist Focus: Vincent Van Gogh

In the art room this term all grades have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh. Grade 2 really enjoyed Van Gogh when creating their very own Van Gogh inspired Sunflowers. I think they did a brilliant job. Well done Grade 2!      

Play Readings

This week has seen the Grade 4,5,6 students finishing off working with scripts. Here is SKM and SCS entertaining their Junior School audiences.        

Advance Australia Fair

This week in grades 1-3 we have been learning the words to our national anthem… ‘Advance Australia Fair’. There have been some tricky words in the song, but all students have made big improvements. Do you know all the words to our national anthem? Have a go with your family and see who knows it […]

Becoming Actors and Actresses

In Creative Arts this week the Grade 5 and some Grade 6 and 4 students got the chance to try their hand at reading scripts. Students last year were busting at the seams to give reading lines a go and this is the term for it! Working in small groups students began to do their […]

Arts 2015

Welcome back to what is sure to be another FANTASTIC year in the Arts at BSPS! Mrs Allemand and Miss Goudie are so happy to have you all back and ready for all things ART! We would like to give a warm welcome to the wonderful Mrs Hicks who will be helping us this year […]

Song Room Shinanigans

Today MJO had their first encounter with the wonderful and talented Loretta from The Song Room. They practised their “alive” faces in preparation for the Music Count Us In performance at Shepparton High School with lots of other students from across the GV. Here they are learning hand gestures and about beat and rhythm.

Creating Simple Rhythms

This week in Creative Arts students are experimenting with untuned percussion. After doing a call and response type of exercise students then got into groups to create their own version. Students played individually as well as playing all together. We are just stepping closer and closer to creative our very own songs!

Bourchier’s Got Talent.

Students are rehearsing for the school fete. Watch this energetic performance!  

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